In SANGOMA a set of tools for data assimilation will be developed and implemented. For the software developments, see the project pages at Sourceforge. See also the links to external resources.

Download sangoma-2.0.tar.gz This collection is the official release. Only if you need to exploit the latest developments, a direct download from the SVN development version should be done:

Access to the developpement version

The code is available in a subversion repository. If you are unfamiliar with subversion you can consult the book Version Control with Subversion, the sourceforge subversion documentation or one of the many tutorials found online (for example Version Tracking With Subversion For Beginners).

Read-only access

You can get the latest version of the sangoma tools by using the following command:

svn checkout svn:// sangoma-tools

There is no need to be registered for read-only access of the repository. There is also a web-interface available.

Read and write access

Please contact Alexander Barth (a.barth at or Jean-Marie Beckers (jm.beckers at with you sourceforge username (you can register here) and with a small description of the changes that you plan to make. After you have been added as a developper, you can get the developpement version by using the following command:

svn checkout --username=your_sourceforge_username svn+ssh:// sangoma-tools

You need to replace your_sourceforge_username in the previous command.

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