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Contact: Alexander Barth, a.barth at ulg.ac.be, 2016.

What is this about?

The aim of this web-app is to reconstruct the reference field by interpolating 10 discrete observations. The reconstructed field should be as close as possible to the reference field. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the location of the observations (maximum 10) by clicking on the reference field.
  2. A right-click on a location marker removes the observation.
  3. Enter your name and correlation length used for the analysis.
  4. Click on "Make analysis". The reference field will be interpolated at the 10 selected locations. A DIVA analysis will then be performed with these interpolated values as observation. The background estimate of this analysis is zero. There is no "observational error" in this test.
  5. You will see the reconstructed field and the difference between your reconstruction and the reference field.
  6. Displayed RMS is the root mean square difference between the reconstructed field and the reference averaged over the domain. This RMS difference should be as close as possible to zero.