SANGOMA officially started on 1 November 2011. A kick-off meeting was held from 24-25 November 2011.

International Liege colloquium on Ocean Dynamics 2015

The 47th Liege colloquium will be held in 2015 on Data Analysis and Data Assimilation. Details will appear on the Colloquium page soon.


SANGOMA partners will contribute to the MyOcean2 science days in Toulouse 22-24 September 2014.



During the course of the 4-year project, we plan workshops for PhD students as well as operational users of data assimilation. The workshops will be announced later on this web page.


If you are interested in using SANGOMA tools, feel free to respond to our surveys (very quick: less than one minute)
  • First general survey, still open but mostly for statistics
  • Second survey: vote for additional diagnostics tools to be added to the toolbox (CLOSED)